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For the more than 1 million Americans living with HIV, drugs like Truvada once seemed a breakthrough solution: a drug that could both treat and prevent the life-threatening infection. However, the drug’s active ingredient may be more harmful than originally thought.

More than a thousand people who’ve been treated for HIV infection by medications made by US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Inc., are suing the company due to serious side effects they suffered. The company is accused of maximizing profits while preventing the release of a less toxic alternative that would cause less harm.

At Law Scout, we build a customizable Facebook campaign to gather Truvada users as potential clients for your firm who are thoroughly vetted based on YOUR criteria. We can meet your firm’s lead volume needs without sacrificing quality.

How Mass Tort can grow your firm
Lawyers in the United States spend more than $1 billion on advertising and marketing services. And of that $1 billion, mass tort advertising consumes about $850 million.
Mass Tort cases can include dangerous drugs, defective products, and abuse.
More than 30 dangerous drugs have been approved and later taken off the market because of serious health risks since the 1970’s

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