Intelligent Facebook Marketing for Attorneys

Experience real growth by scaling and optimizing via Facebook advertising

Intelligent Facebook Marketing for Attorneys

Experience real growth by scaling and optimizing via Facebook advertising

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Creating Strategic and Successful Facebook Marketing Solutions

What Can You Expect?

Manage Ad Spending

We never want our clients overspending. We spend efficiently based on our client’s target audience and actively work with them to hit their cost per case goals. Our clients are able to decide your daily spend or can leave it up to the experts here at Law Scout.

Custom Audience Creation

Getting your message in front of the right people is important. We have an abundance of our own data, in addition to data from other verticals, we turn into a customed lookalike audience for each client based on their demographic. We can also use their lookalike data in an email hash to ensure absolute privacy.

Dynamic Ad Creation

We understand the importance of ads that automatically adapt relevant content specifically to each consumer. We have a library of images to choose from and a creative team to ensure they stand out in a FB newsfeed. We test multiple images and multiple angles in order to understand what type converts most effectively.

Pixel Implementation

We install a pixel on each of our client’s customized forms in order to gather data. As each pixel receives more data, the information is fed back to Facebook and they are able to market to the people most similar to those who completed our client’s form. By using these remarketing strategies, we can maximize the efficiency of our client’s spending.

Custom Landing Pages

We build, set up and brand a custom landing page for each of our client’s campaigns based on their specific criteria to include questions in order to determine if the user is a potential client for the law firm. Our client will receive all of the generated data to their email or CRM.

Tracking & Optimization

We include in-depth tracking information in the ad URL, allowing us to effectively track any submission back to a specific ad. We can pause ads that are not performing well, and put more spend and focus on the top-performing ads. We work with the client to receive case acceptance data, in order to ensure we are running ads with the lowest cost per case for the client.

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A Smarter Way to Find Future Clients

It’s easy to get started, simple to use, and we’re with you each step of the way.