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Law Scout generates thousands of bankruptcy leads through Facebook marketing every month, helping to connect individuals actively looking to file chapter 7 or chapter 13 claims and in need of legal help with firms ready to help.

Commonly reported causes of bankruptcy include reduced income, job loss, credit debt, illness, injury, unexpected expenses, and divorce. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy leads offer substantial opportunities for attorneys who help their clients get out from under their debt burden, start fresh and earn fair legal fees.

Moreover, given the recent upending of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are struggling with a sudden and dramatic drop in income. For attorneys and law firms who help people file bankruptcies or are looking to add bankruptcy law as a practice area, this can be a major source of new clients.

A few reasons you should be using lead generation to find your future Bankruptcy clients:

The most common contributing factor to bankruptcy is a loss of income and the unemployment rate is at 6.7%.
Annual bankruptcy filings totaled 773,361 cases in the year ending June 2019.
Chapter 7 bankruptcies are consistently the most common at 63% of the total bankruptcy filings.

Law Scout Offers These Exclusive Bankruptcy Leads:

General Bankruptcy
Chapter 7
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