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Workers’ compensation leads are inquiries from prospective claimants who have been physically injured during employment. These workers pursue a local worker’s compensation lawyer to obtain lost wages, medical attention, and medical benefits.

Law Scout generates high-converting, quality workers’ comp leads through Facebook marketing. Once we have confirmed that the injured worker meets our screening criteria and is a valid lead, it is matched to a firm and the lead is sent.

A few reasons you should be using lead generation to find your future Workers’ Compensation clients:
There are 3 million work-related accidents and fatalities in USA every year.
74% of workers who require compensation consult with lawyers.
More than two-thirds of the injuries sustained required days away from work.

All Leads Have Been Screened for the Following:

The workplace accident happened within the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation cases in your state
The potential client is in the geographic area you have specified
Are seeking legal assistance from an attorney
Have not hired an attorney

A Smarter Way to Find Future Clients

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