Social Security Disability

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The Social Security Administration provides financial assistance to those who are unable to work because of a medical condition that’s expected to last at least one year. Those who qualify for Social Security Disability benefits are provided monthly cash benefits to help with the cost of living since they are essentially forced into early retirement.

Social Security Disability applicants find that having an attorney’s help when initially applying for benefits or when filing reconsideration appeals increases their chances of receiving disability benefits. Attorneys have greater insight into the criteria, qualifications, determinants of the claimant’s ability to work and medical evidence needed to receive benefits.

Law Scout’s Social Security Disability Leads:

  • Are sent exclusively and in real time to your firm via email, text or CRM immediately after the potential client has filled out our form
  • The potential client is in the geographic area you have specified
  • The potential client is within the age range you have specified
  • The potential client is unable to work
  • The potential client has received treatment with a doctor’s verification
  • The potential client is not currently receiving benefits
  • The potential client is not already working with an attorney

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